For decades we have provided mechanical engineering services to leading companies in Argentina and Latin America, and until this day they maintain their long-term trust in us.
We started Update IngenierĂ­a in 2003, with our design offices located in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Why to choose us

  • Reliability and Experience

    We have experience in different industrial markets. The companies of the region know us, choose us and recommend us, both from the technical and commercial areas.
  • Proactivity and systemic approach

    We stand out for our systemic vision, integrating HR with high technical knowledge.
  • Reliable records

    We have detailed documents for each one of our projects.
  • Fast adaptation to new markets

    Our technical background and research methodology allow us to approach projects in new areas of engineering in a fast way, with effective and innovative results.

Our team

Our human resources make a difference in each project

Our team is made up of certified professionals with high-level training in both scientific and technological fields and full understanding of the latest computer assistance tools. Many of our designers are university professors and lead key areas related to our professional activity, such as: Analysis and Mechanical Synthesis; Resistance of Materials and Numerical Methods, among others.